NO ONE COMPARES!!! Chadwick really is the best of the best!

Kari C.

NO ONE COMPARES!!! Chadwick really is the best of the best! See his photos and videos (or see him do another event like we did), and you won’t want to consider anyone else! You hope for great photos, but this is the next level! Chadwick’s lens makes people, setting, lighting, and colors look so absolutely perfect and high definition, and his amazing product line offers entirely new ways to remember your special day. We were so amazed and touched by how he added to the actual event too - his excitement is contagious, he makes the entire process fun and comfortable (offers just the right amount of direction and it really feels like you are just hanging out), and his whole crew is completely efficient and unobtrusive. The speed at which he had some of our “preview” shots back to us let us relive everything while still fresh - truly a gift in and of itself, and we are so unbelievably thrilled with how each one turned out! Each person we’ve shown can’t believe the ridiculously high quality either. Just can’t say enough about Chadwick; we are forever grateful and in his debt for capturing our memories so remarkably!